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Bachelor's degree in Social Work

The Bachelor's degree in "Social Work" comprises seven semesters leading to the academic qualification Bachelor of Arts including state recognition as a Social Worker or Social Education Worker. Within the program a course focus on the topics migration and integration is also offered. The course encompasses an internship, which runs for over one semester (7.5 months). This takes place during the fifth semester and divides the course up into a four-semester foundation course and a two-semester main course. Excluding the internship, the course consists of 20 modules, of which 14 run over two semesters.

This is a full-time modular attendance course. Each semester encompasses a workload of 900 hours and students earn a total of 30 credit points (ECTS points) for every semester if all modules are successfully completed. The individual modules are weighted with either 6 or 12 credit points. A total of 210 credit points are earned through the course.

The course is offered annually to 155 students, commencing in the winter semester. No course fees are charged. The course places are awarded on the basis of a points scale, which primarily - although not exclusively - considers the grades attained with the university entrance qualification.

Contact head of study programme i.K. Dr. phil. Kira Nierobisch
+49 6131 28944-461
Room 4.024
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