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Is This Course Suitable For Me?

Are you...

  • open-minded and generally interested in how social science approaches issues, and especially in the subject of ‘Migration and Integration’?
  • prepared to become actively involved in a lively and highly motivated group of learners, and do so in a variety of ways?
  • prepared to sometimes question yourself and your own entrenched views?

Do you possess...

  • good knowledge of German and English that can be used for theory and practical situations?
  • experience of living or working abroad that has preferably lasted for several months?
  • initial experience of voluntary work or something similar?

Would you like...

  • to later work in the very broad subject area of ‘Migration and Integration’, and in particular at the level of being responsible for organisation, planning and implementation?
  • learn how to analyse and understand really interesting and important aspects of our social interactions
  • and to actively participate in discursive situations in which issues of topical importance are being systematically and fundamentally connected to concepts and theories?
  • to join theory and practice in connection with the subject area of ‘Migration and Integration’, and to do the same with experiences of studying and working abroad, so that when your studies are completed you are in a position to make a well informed choice regarding your career pathway?

Then please apply to study with us!

I am studying BAMI because...

“I am studying BAMI because I’m interested in the topic of migration and integration. I have previously worked on a voluntary basis with refugees and my own background includes experience of migration. The year abroad and the third language strongly influenced my decision.”

Nery Bardales, BAMI, 2017 entry

“I am studying BAMI because it is conceived as a wide-ranging degree scheme. It encompasses a variety of subject areas, and the year abroad and classes taught in two languages give it an international feel. In addition I have the opportunity of learning more languages and of broadening my cultural and cognitive horizons. The subjects dealt with on the course are extremely topical and relevant and will continue to preoccupy our society for a long time to come.”

Anna Francesca Kern, BAMI, 2017 entry   

“When I heard about the new degree course in Social Sciences: Migration and Integration at the Catholic University of Mainz, it didn’t take me long in early 2016 to apply. The strong international focus of the degree really interests me and in my opinion is necessary and important for my personal and academic development. Thanks to the year abroad I’m already being given the opportunity during my studies to establish international links, gain new experiences and apply my acquired skills in a targeted way in real life situations. The degree programme, together with the practical work in a foreign country, enables me to become acquainted with, and appreciate the diversity of different cultures, traditions and viewpoints found in our globally networked world. Social scientific theories provide a good basis from which to reflect upon, as well as to discuss, social interactions, how we act, think and feel, and to alter our way of looking at these matters.
When I think about myself and my future in ten years time I would like to be working in an international environment involving various advisory and planning processes in the sphere of migration and integration.”

Theresa Kurnoth, BAMI, 2016 entry

“I’m studying BAMI because in 2015/2016 the question of migration appeared in every aspect of daily life in Germany and this made me want to become more familiar with it and more objective about it. A degree course that focused on migration and integration therefore seemed the most attractive one for me. The link with sociology was a further reason for becoming a ‘BAMI’. The subject areas covered in the course unconsciously and consciously crept into everyday life and provided me with a new way of looking at society.”

Alicia Link, BAMI, 2016 entry

“I found it rather difficult at first to integrate theoretical sociology into my daily life. But the subject matter became more tangible for me in the second semester when brought together with culture and religion. Now I find sociology everywhere. In order to focus on migration more intensively we are presently dealing with international law, and also with social and aliens legislation, that I’m finding quite useful. Even though my practical experience is still limited I’m able to link and apply subject knowledge in a meaningful way. The course motivates me to view migration as being not only about fleeing and enables me to have a bird’s eye view.
I enjoy having the opportunity to learn Spanish here at university and to be able to spend my year abroad in Ecuador. That will be a real self-study course in migration and integration and I’m looking forward to it tremendously. However, my greatest motivation for taking this course is the group. The small number of people studying facilitates extremely intensive discussions that are not only often amusing but really rewarding.”

Lisa Lynch, BAMI, 2016 entry

“I’m studying BAMI because the course provides many different and interesting insights into the subject area of migration and integration and, on top of that, it helps to positively shape my relationships with other people.”                               

Yvette Morday BAMI 2017 entry

“I’m studying BAMI because at some point in my professional life I wish to help mould society. By doing the BAMI course I’m hoping to learn to understand our society better that we are presently living in.“

Katharina Petry, BAMI, 2017 entry

“I’m studying BAMI because in that way I would like to get closer to my goal of becoming a social scientist in a managerial position within a governmental organisation or one that is non-governmental, where I can contribute to implementing socially minded and sustainable projects, workshops and/or further training courses. How can we shape our immigration and integration policies in the future in ways that are sustainable? In order to gain impressions of the practical aspects of this field at an early stage of my studies and to help me make concrete plans for my choice of career, this degree course, thanks to the relatively small numbers enrolling and the personal supervision, has made it possible for me to be a guest observer in the Rheinland-Pfalz Ministry for Families, Women, Young People, Integration and Consumer Protection.”

Olina Welge, BAMI, 2016 entry