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Course Content and Objectives

As you can see from the modular scheme plan, the course is divided into three parts and set up as follows:

Years 1 and 2:
Core courses: modules on the subject areas of social science (dark blue) and on migration and integration (light blue)

Complementary courses: modules on communicative and academic skills (yellow), especially applied to a third language

Year 3:
Year abroad with an obligatory study period abroad and/or a practical placement abroad

Year 4:
Specializations: project work in cooperation with an organisation from outside of higher education (red), options relating to the subject areas of social science (dark blue) and migration/integration (light blue), reflexions on whole degree course (yellow) and writing a bachelor dissertation (red)

Our most important aim is to familiarize you with the wide range of approaches that can be applied to our subject area. These include theoretical and conceptual work as well as working empirically, that is, through carrying out practical research, and a choice of practical work placements.

In this way you should be in a position where you develop your own interests and areas of specialism in depth in order to further your intellectual personality generally and more specifically with regard to your professional preferences.


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