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Bachelor's degree in Practical Theology

The Bachelor's degree in "Practical Theology" constitutes the first step in training towards the pastoral vocation of parish assistant within the Catholic Church.

In addition to students from the supporting (arch) dioceses of the universities (Cologne, Limburg, Mainz, Speyer and Trier) and students from the (arch) dioceses of Freiburg and Rottenburg-Stuttgart, Catholic students are also admitted from other dioceses and other states.

The course was accredited in 2008 and renewed accreditation has been obtained until September 30th 2020. It teaches the skills required of a parish assistant by German dioceses. The course combines the theological specialist disciplines, also on an interdisciplinary basis, with the human sciences, the methods of professional practice, internships and - as a unique feature of the course - vocational spirituality. The standard duration of the course is six semesters and its successful completion results in graduation with a Bachelor of Arts degree ("Practical Theologian").